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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Loving it. Hours more to go I’m already 18. Lady. Haha. Love to hear that. Tomorrow is my birthday and I think, the thing that I will only do is to disseminate the invitation cards that I did. For you to know, I sleep over 12:00 AM for four consecutive nights. Tired. Drowsy. Blah.blah. Just to finish my invitations ahead of time. Anyway, I’ll be celebrating my dream ***** on the 3rd day of October. It was postponed because the people who are part of it are busy on weekdays.

Hmm. Though it caused me so much tiredness, I don’t regret. It’s my WANT anyway. As I’ve said before, I dreamt to have a simple debut and yes! GRANTED! God answered my prayer. MORE THAN WHAT I WANT. 

By the way, I’m definitely Happy not only because I got what I wish for but to know that a lot of people loves me. I LOVE YOU TOO! I LOVE YOU MORE! Haha! Other thing why I’m happy is… I finally finished the invitations. Give aways..etc. ei! So much for happiness. hehe. The thing I look forward is, May God answer my 1st desire..(…) Second is, Bagyong Pepeng won’t tear down the party. 

Well, for you to see the invitations that I have done, I’m going to share it. It’s all up to you if what can you say. It may be simple. Yes! Simple. But I did it vigilantly.


Left side- this is my front page.
Right side- first option. This will be my front page supposedly but a lot of ink to be used.haha!sayang!

List of names of my 18 roses and 18 candles.

Left side- is my treasures. My Tita's, Tito's, and teacher..
Righ side-my cousins, close friends and elementary barkada.

Eye-opener is the one who will give a revelation about me during the days when I'm with them.(dami alam noh?)It should be butterfly but since I can't find a butterfly shop it goes this way.hehe.Uhm, I will not have this kind of kaartehan sana if mama did not asked about the the program. She knew that I did not invited my elementary friends so she got angry to me.And beacause of that, I did what she want.masunurin eh.hehe.

this is the last page.
the venue,time and date and my special message for Mama and Papa..

this is all for now. :)
Pictures of my debut is coming soon.hehe.


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