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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Loving it. Hours more to go I’m already 18. Lady. Haha. Love to hear that. Tomorrow is my birthday and I think, the thing that I will only do is to disseminate the invitation cards that I did. For you to know, I sleep over 12:00 AM for four consecutive nights. Tired. Drowsy. Blah.blah. Just to finish my invitations ahead of time. Anyway, I’ll be celebrating my dream ***** on the 3rd day of October. It was postponed because the people who are part of it are busy on weekdays.

Hmm. Though it caused me so much tiredness, I don’t regret. It’s my WANT anyway. As I’ve said before, I dreamt to have a simple debut and yes! GRANTED! God answered my prayer. MORE THAN WHAT I WANT. 

By the way, I’m definitely Happy not only because I got what I wish for but to know that a lot of people loves me. I LOVE YOU TOO! I LOVE YOU MORE! Haha! Other thing why I’m happy is… I finally finished the invitations. Give aways..etc. ei! So much for happiness. hehe. The thing I look forward is, May God answer my 1st desire..(…) Second is, Bagyong Pepeng won’t tear down the party. 

Well, for you to see the invitations that I have done, I’m going to share it. It’s all up to you if what can you say. It may be simple. Yes! Simple. But I did it vigilantly.


Left side- this is my front page.
Right side- first option. This will be my front page supposedly but a lot of ink to be used.haha!sayang!

List of names of my 18 roses and 18 candles.

Left side- is my treasures. My Tita's, Tito's, and teacher..
Righ side-my cousins, close friends and elementary barkada.

Eye-opener is the one who will give a revelation about me during the days when I'm with them.(dami alam noh?)It should be butterfly but since I can't find a butterfly shop it goes this way.hehe.Uhm, I will not have this kind of kaartehan sana if mama did not asked about the the program. She knew that I did not invited my elementary friends so she got angry to me.And beacause of that, I did what she want.masunurin eh.hehe.

this is the last page.
the venue,time and date and my special message for Mama and Papa..

this is all for now. :)
Pictures of my debut is coming soon.hehe.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

flippant. am i?

 Things are getting harder and I need to be serious about it. One of my mentors told me that I’m not grave about the life that I live. I look like a boat without a direction. If you could only see me these previous days, you might say I’m carefree. Something happened to me and I’m not expecting it to happen. I thought everything is alright… I thought we will be okay… but its not. Everything turns into something that I can’t understand. I’m trying to comprehend it anyway. Tss.Okay. If this is all we could be then, better go away. I’ll be happy more without you.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

wake me up when september ends!

wew!days from now, I'm turning 18! I feel so excited.Excited not because I will be having a small party but I'm in legal age. I'm going to vote. I'm allowed to get married!haha!but not now. (aral.aral.aral.) tss.. :))

Yesterday, I went to Rochelle's house.(she's one of my closest friend) She invited me to watch her debut party last march.I'm part of it anyway..Then, as the video plays. I start having my imagination.I'm dreaming about what to happen on my birthday and everything. okay. I'm not dreaming to have a very fabulous party. All I want is, I'm with the people who have been part of my life.

My dream debut is:
*I have a special dance with Papa..
*Inspirational message from Mama and 2 Lola.
*18 wishes from my Girl Friends.
*18 dance with my Boy Friends.
*Song from my Besties.(tangangerkz)
*18  pink candles to blow.
*18 pink roses.
*Personalized cake. ( happy 18th birthay yang-yang)

Last night, I had a conversation with my mom. We're talking about my upcoming *hmm*. I said to her that my friends will help me to prepare for my birthday and she just gave her smile to me. :) anu kaya yun?I asked her if she can cook my favorite viands.....blah.blah.blah.. The only words that she said was, where I will be going to celebrate it? When? and yes! she anwered my question. she will cook! Thanks Mamang! :))

This morning, I told my friends about it and they said, they will help me. e e eh. Thank you din sa inyo!!
hmm. Last Monday, me and my besh was talking about it also, I asked her a favor if she can give me 18 pink ballons with my printed name and yes! She deal with me!demaning huh! ahaha. Thank you besh ku!  And Xyndey, my Friend told me that she will give me a tarpaulin.ei. lamat ganda!

hmm.so now, I'm saying my heartfelt gratitude for all of u.ahahaha. 

F1:may magka-uyab na talaga ngayon.haha.
Y: hmm..
F2:ngayon mu na pala siya sagutin noh?ui.
Y: (speechless)


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Escape from Ennui. . .

I'm on the midst of boredom now and I don't know where and when to stop this. I'm thinking anything that is possible to happen.What if I can't  finish my study, what if I'll die tomorrow, what if my love ones left me.what if I get pregy in the wrong time.blah.blah.blah. Full of what ifs. For me, it's my natures question. WHAT IF! Anyway, there are some aspects in me that I can say I'm a pessismistic. I'm the type of person who thinks negative before positive things and I know it is bad because as one of my mentors said, "thinking has a power to do anything" and yes! it's true. hmp.well, I'm trying to be optimistic.
 Everytime I'm on a monotony point, I'm looking for anything that would make my mind busy and avoid thinking those unenthusiastic things. And I think, the thing that could only take me from boredom is surfing net. Whenever I'm in the cyber world, I dwell on editing pictures. For you to see these pictures.I will share it.

I used this as my personal background in my friendster account.
Among th edited pictures that I have made,this is one of my favorite.

I made this during my heart aches. :)
This picture is a product of boredom.haha!
I used the lyrics of the song "Your Call"

I used the lyrics of the song "Long Distance"
I love this song so much. :)
inlab part 2!
Edited by: Yours truly..
Model:Yours truly..
Taken by: Yours truly.
haha.trying hard magpaka-expert. :)

These are some of the pictures that I've edited. I know I'm not that good but I'm tyring to become one. haha.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

admiration at first smile...

e e eh..
e e eh.


For another time, I saw my new met crush. :D and for that reason,I can't refuse to smile.
eeeeeeeeeeee.. :D until now,I still can't get over from the moment he gave his smile to me.even it is just a foretaste.its a BIG BIG DEAL. haha!

okay.I knew something and I can say world is too small for us.I mean me.hehe. Mr.**** is a cousin of one of my besties.See,Destiny!haha.just a steps,I will be into him.naks!just kidding. I just admired him.He's good in guitar.He can play the songs I like.The smile that captivated me.haha!. :D I just admired him and that's all.no extentions.
I met this guy on a sunny day in August with his friends and that friends is a friend of mine too.get it?hehe.
They introduce Him to me.. and that day, the name ****yang was combined.hihi. *kilig*

Well,I just hope we bacame friends!as in close friend!haha!ambisyosa!
yes.close friend.there's nothing wrong with it unless other people don't give something malicious about it.

last night,we also had a moment.haha. saglit lang yun.isang message.
I send him a message which is a group message.
this is the message..
"roses r red,violets r blu.
sugar is sweet and so I am too.
coldnyt! :)).."
then he replied,
"gudnyt din yang2. :)"
hahaha.nawala antok ko..

set of rules

Since I already prearranged my blog.I lay down some duties for me to do.

There are the following:
-I ought to be Honest for everything I will write.
( I know within me that being honest is one way of cleansing the heart.):)
-I ought to post 2 or more blogs in a week.
(I will try to do everything just to share my daily life's story.hihi.)
-I ought to add new links not less than 5 a week.
-I should not copy other's work unless there's no permission from them.
(I believe that stealing is a crime.)

The above listed are some of those rules I 'd made.

ps:correct my grammar if it is incorrect.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Me, myself and I...

wee.anyway,this is my new acount here in blogspot.I'll be going to cancel the old one beacause of some reasons.
Btw, before everything else.I would like to introduce first my self.who am I?Well,it's hard for me to tell the things about me because I know,there still something about me that I do not yet see.
okay.so much for intro...
I am Czarinna Mae V. Casimina.Upcoming lady this coming October 1,2009.I will be a future nutritionist dietitian..(I'm striving to become one).I'm fond of writing and I think it's my forte to write everything.My most wanted color is PINK.Praying every night,readind books,listening to music, going to church every sunday is a must for me.Strolling, texting, net surfing is a habit!haha!well,when it comes to my inner core, I comprises sort of attitudes which other people sometimes misunderstood.."you're hot and you're cold..you're yes and you're no..you're in and you're out"in short,I'm MOODY.This is the best thing that describes me.

This is me.It's all up to you what can you say about me.I live my life to the fullest.I don't let criticism pull me down! :)