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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A moment to ponder..

    I like this cake so much.. yummy!    

             As I blew my eighteen candles,it's a proof that I'm already 18.Lady,isn't it? I'm in legal age.As one of my friends told me,I can be imprison.haha.Well, my debut is worth remembering.I celebrated it perfectly. Actually it's a dream come true.I always dream to have it. :)
            I admit,until now I still can't get over from what happened during the party until to the last hour. The dance with my father, the blowing of the candles, the danced I had with my Boy friends and especially, the time when I'm with my love ones. Actually,all the people who were invited are part of me.
            Time really flies when you're having fun. Before,I'm just making illusions about what my debut will be. Now, all I can do is reminiscing each moment and gaze the captured moments. Sadly, I didn't have the chance to have a picture taking with my besties( TANGANGERKZ, CHRAX and SESSIONISTA). I entertained my visitors that time.Besides, I don't regret. At least, they came.right?

with my lablabs.. :)

            At this moment, I'm praying, hoping, and dreaming that it will happen again. I know, I will not be celebrating my 18th birthday anymore but I believe, there are still a lot of milestone that I will gonna take.Oh! I remember,there still a wedding!LOL!Yes! I'll be having it at the right time with the right man. :)

quick-posts during the party..

             Seeing the fact that I'm already 18 years of age.There are a lot of things that mold me into better one. I want to share 18 things about me you ought to know..

1. Certified Pinkaholic
2. Plain alcoholic.(but I'm trying to remove this vice.:)
3. Chicken Monster
4. Music Lover. (even budots music will work.haha!)
5. Craving to have a laptop.
6. Simply addicted in girly stuffs.
7. Going to church every Sunday and to complete mesa de gallo is a must for me.
8. Loves beach.
9. Loves butterfly, roses and tulips.
10. Chocoholic.
11. I always dream to own a Coffee shop.
12. I can't stroll without bringing my fone and wallet.
13. I like nature haunting.
14. Dream to walk in the city of London and Barcelona.
15. Iyakin!
16. I can't sleep without making illusions. :) It's my habit!
17. I love to write and write everything.. ANYTHING.

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