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Thursday, October 15, 2009

put your feet up...

Finally, examination is over. I can sleep whenever I want to. I can go anywhere. I can have my rest. I can watch movies. I CAN DO MY HOBBIES AGAIN.lablab! :)) okey, the thing there is, nothing to be worry. No more books to read. No more research papers. MAG-DIWANG!haha..

The permit is done!:))   
Btw, view to the fact that sembreak is in the air,I can't go home late at night because I have no Reason to do so.That's the bad thing about having a semestral break. No allowance.But its okay, I know my mama would still give me.haha.Well, during examination,the thing that I only did is to study.sudy.and study.so I don't have the rationale to get failing grades but since our major subject test is difficult!I'm saying this because I did not study?NO!it's really hard.The questions given were not tackled and I don't know why it's part of the exam.hmmp! It really made me cry all night long.I study a lot to that subject but I felt disappointed!SUCKS!OKAY.whatever will be my grades, I will accept.I did my part. :))

To prove that I really feel the season of sembreak, I want to share this pictures..
I'm with Jm.I went to their house this morning to get the pictures she took during my Debut.Aside of being one of the candles, she's the photographer also.hehe. She prepared spaghetti as our merienda!Salamat!

 Kahit walang pantulak!Busog pa rin!haha!

  Recently, she took some pictures of myself!

instead of practicing Arnis.Look what I did!haha!
even our sembreak will just take only two weeks, I would still miss my friends!
CHRAX-I had fun with them yesterday.. :))

this picture of us was taken during Debut of Anna. 
June 29,2009

SESSIONISTA-mamimiss ko din kayo! ;)


hmm.Okay.I know, sembreak is my time for my high school friends!

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  1. xiyet kapangit ku jan!!!!LoL:))
    ---->labtxu Yang2:))


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