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Sunday, January 17, 2010

hey guys!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
I'm back!its been so long since I posted my last blog.right?well,a little bit busy these previous months especially last December.I did many things.and the other reason why I can't update my blog is FACEBOOK..haha.sinisi.Anyway, a lot of things changed.aabutan ako ng umaga pag nilgay ko lahat.haha!

know what,I don't really know what will be the first thing I will share to everyone but I saw a picture of mine that force me to post it here!As I saw the picture I really laugh so hard!haha!I never imagine I would have this image in my life.I looked like so naive.innocent,anu pa ba?hehe.

anu say mo?hehe,.
Look!haha.I was in my first year in college that time.When I saw this picture, It pushed me not to cut my hair.Well,one of my plan this year is to have a long hair.I miss this.promise!

-Next blog would be my NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION!

supposedly,I will not be posting blogs anymore but I saw my shoutbox, there still people who visits this account pala.So,I changed my mind. I will update this again as soon as possible.
Visitors:thank you for reading my blog.I know I'm not a good writer but I will try to become one.
Godbless! :))

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  1. here's my trash. ehehehe. anyway, gawin mo kaya yung ginagawa ko. mag-blog ka dito tapos i-add mo yung RSS sa notes mo on Facebook. Madami ding naaaliw. Ala lang. Just wanted to share. :-)


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