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Friday, January 22, 2010


Hello!Here I am again,posting my new blog.I'll be writing my new year's resolution supposedly but since I am not yet ready to share them,I decided that I will write another topic.Okay, view to the fact that midterm exam will be this coming monday,I will tell you, I AM NOT YET READY.I'm not in the mood to study the lessons we had.I feel so lazy when it comes in reading my notes but I always told to myself... "pag di ako nag study,walang future..." yes! I've always been saying that ever since.


Nevermind  the pictures above.haha.I had these shots during making my assignment in our major subject.Well,to tell you honestly.My field is not that easy for me not to make good.It's a quite difficult.but I know,I will make it.I can do it.It's just all about having self-motivation and self-discipline.right?YES.

Btw,I always pass in spite of having a short term memory.hai.I just hope that until this time,it will work.
Know what,during examination time.I always feel stress.I know everybody can feel it too.right?
why is that?why?bakit kaya?haha.Iknowtheanswer.

Anyway,even how difficult or easy the exam was.The buttomline is,I would still be feeling alright.Atleast, it's over.I can have a rest even for a short time.right?

I hope I can answer all the problems in the test paper.huhu.I wish I will make my Physics,statistics and basic Nutritition easy...Pray.Pray.PRAY! :D

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  1. Good luck on your exams!

    Physics? That's my worst enemy in school. :))


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